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Adverse Weather Conditions

Safety is our number one priority. A CTC road race, track meet, or training program event may cancelled, delayed, postponed, modified, or shortened by an appropriate amount when there is one of the following:

1.Extreme Heat and Humidity. The dew point is 80F or above at the start time or the heat index exceeds 105 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the run or event.

2.Lightening. Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away. Strikes within one mile of the planned course are considered threatening. 

3.Hazardous footing on a race route, caused by ice, snow, mud, etc.

4.Ice/Snow, Wind/Tornadoes or other major weather conditions. 

5.Extreme Cold. When the combined temperature and wind chill is below 5F,  there is the risk of flesh freezing and hypothermia.


Guidelines On Baby Jogging Strollers in Races

The inclusion of strollers in races increases the potential for injury to race participants and children. We do not allow the use of baby strollers/joggers by participants in road races. Under no circumstance should children be allowed to participate in CTC event on a scooter, roller or inline skates, or on a bike. 


Fair Competition Policies


To be eligible for monetary prizes (if applicable) at a CTC race, an athlete must:

  • Not be currently serving a suspension issued by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for use of a banned substance

  • Not have ever served a ban issued by USADA or WADA for the use of performance enhancing drugs

  • Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who have had 2 or more athletes receiving such suspensions in the previous 4 years

  • Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs during their own athletic career*

  • Provide proper documentation proving they are eligible for prize money (form W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN)

  • Sign a statement attesting they are in compliance with USADA and WADA anti-doping regulations related to banned substance use and if issued a doping suspension or ban in the future, they will not be allowed back at the event for any reason

  • Consent to random drug testing according to the standards and procedures of USATF, USADA and WADA

Any athlete that believes they have been barred from the event or the opportunity to earn prize money at the event because of mistaken identity due to near or exact name of a person currently suspended, banned or previously banned, must submit documentation certified by a notary in advance to the race director or elite athlete coordinator of the event proving that they are not the same person identified as serving a suspension, ban or previous ban. 

*Athletes have a duty to ensure they are represented by reputable coaches and agents and have a duty to consult the WADA list of athletes that are or have served a doping ban before signing with a coach or agent.


Transgender/Transsexual Athlete Inclusion and Rules of Competition


In 2005, the USATF Board of Directors adopted the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) policy regarding competition by transgender athletes and transsexual athletes.  The policy was updated in November of 2015. (View the IOC's updated policies.) The USATF policy requires that certain medical benchmarks be achieved before an athlete may compete as the opposite gender for medals, prize money and other benefits. The intent of the USATF policy is to establish competitive eligibility and to help ensure fair competition. The policy also contains safeguards to protect the privacy of any athlete(s) making the request for eligibility.  (Read more on USATF)

The CTC follows the USATF rules of competition. Participants that elect not to disclose their gender will not be included in the scoring for awards.  If a transgender athlete in compliance with the USATF rules of competition wins an award under the gender they have identified, that award/performance should be honored.

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